Celebrating Italy’s Top
Computer Science Students

Copenhagen, August 2-4

The event is completely free: all expenses
(including travel and accommodation)
are covered by Bending Spoons.


You’re an Italian student or are attending an Italian university, pursuing a degree (or having recently graduated) in either Computer Science or Software Engineering. Alternatively, you have a keen and proven interest in programming. You're among the best students in your class.

Apply now and join us in celebrating your talent and your determination. The event will be held in English, but don’t worry if you’re not fluent: a basic level will be enough.

Applications will be open until March 17.

Event Schedule

Day 1
  • Event presentation and introductions
  • Problem-solving games
Day 2
  • Team programming challenges
  • Fun activities around town
  • Copenhagen sightseeing
Day 3
  • Inspirational talks
  • Closing speech

Getting In

Getting in will be hard: only the 20 best applicants will be admitted to the event. We value an excellent academic track record very positively, but you'll also score big points if you pursued cool, tech-related and/or entrepreneurial side projects. Moreover, to make our selection as objective as possible, we’ll ask you to go through a series of practical tests.

The Process

Apply with a CV that speaks for itself, and let your cover letter explain why we can't miss having you. The shortlisted candidates will receive an email with the instructions to access the next steps. We created a set of problems and a coding challenge to let you prove your worth. Together with a final interview, they'll determine the 20 attendees.

The final roster will be communicated by June 30.

Feedback from Past Editions

I'm mindblown. First Ascent was so great. Overall I slept around 15 hours during the whole event, but it was worth it. I had a great time!

It was a new experience (and a refreshing one!) with a group of smart and hardworking people.

Had a great time, met great people, the event was so beautifully organized, there are not enough words to express how satisfied I am.